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Fight against sudden death in the young

What is Prevent21?

We helped 11,000 people last year.

SUDEP Action’s Prevent21 campaign shines a light on this shocking disaster bringing it out of the shadows and to the public’s attention.

With your help, we can speed up what needs to happen over the next four years of this campaign:

In the past 21 years, over 21,000 people with epilepsy have died suddenly and died too young

Helping Families after a death

Families tell us our rapid support information after a death and ongoing support, is a life-line. Bereavement counselling, supporting advocacy and helping families grieve however they choose to be involved.

Targeting cause and prevention of deaths

Support our dedicated programme of research and surveillance that brings knowledge to save lives now by shining a light on key risk factors, conversations, and actions. As well as, contributing to research to help in the near future – including a wearable alert.

Keeping people safe now

Changing more hearts and minds to include risk and tackle sudden deaths in the young. Bringing vital knowledge to support life-saving conversations. Reaching GPs, ambulance crews and other professionals with up to date training and tools from an expert UK faculty, as well as reaching the wider public.

“Every one of the 21 people who died this weekis worth fighting for. Helping people take actionto save lives now, and in the future – is part of ourDNA. Join us in this life – saving campaign.”

Jane Hanna OBE, SUDEP Action CEO

Join the SUDEP Action fight today!

Will you support our families and help save a life?

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